What is the Metro Bagel Franchise?

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What is the Metro Bagel Franchise?

Metro Bagel Franchise, Metro Bagel and Sandwiches, Metro Bagel and Sandwiches Franchise
Metro Bagel Franchise, Metro Bagel and Sandwiches, Metro Bagel and Sandwiches Franchise

If you enjoy delicious bagels, lunch sandwiches packed with the freshest ingredients and a wide variety of beverages, you’ll love Metro Bagel. Metro Bagel and Sandwiches is the latest bagel and sandwich franchise with a combined 30 years of research behind the “bagel”. Metro bagel was created by 2 New Yorkers that have worked for various bagel companies for a combined 30 years. The love for the bagel and a delicious lunch has been carefully created to offer this experience and opportunity to someone like yourself, perhaps.

What makes Metro Bagels so special?

One answer… New York. There has been many comparisons of bagels around the world and time after time, New York bagels rise amongst the others. The bagels at Metro Bagel are made in New York and baked fresh no matter where you are in the country. You can find your fan favorites including like the Plain, Everything and Sesame bagels to the specialty Asiago Cheese, Energy — Multigrain with Raisins, and the spicy Jalapeno. You will find that the bagels at Metro Bagel are the perfect crowd pleaser whether you are dining in or supplying a large office party.

Metro Bagels Offers A Menu With More Than Just Bagels!

Metro Bagel and Sandwiches prides themselves on their diverse menu. Metro Bagel is now taking the famous breakfast food, the bagel, and offering many lunch options available on the delicious bagel of your choosing. While Metro Bagel takes great pride in their bagels, there are other options available as well. Many lunch sandwiches are available all day for you to choose from. Some of these sandwiches include the Turkey Club Panini. This panini is served on a fresh ciabatta roll with the famous Metro Deli Turkey, American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato and mayo. Then topped with Crispy, Hot, Bacon. Once the sandwich is assembled, then sandwich is then pressed together on the piping hot panini press to give your taste buds on a ride of their life!

Other Menu Items

Metro Bagel and Sandwiches wants to make their locations a “One Stop Shop” as corporate points out. “You can stop in for breakfast and coffee, grab a complete lunch with a bottled beverage and a snack for in-between.” Metro Bagel mentioned one concern for many working individuals is you don’t have much time to stop for lunch while you are so busy at work. Their goal is to have you stop in once and serve you the finest food to last you all day. You can choose from the many lunch combo options or the breakfast/lunch combos.


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